1/2oz Fragrance oils
1/2oz Fragrance oils
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1/2oz Fragrance oils for $3.00 to $5.00

Bayberry-Anoint wrist daily for luck. Sprinkle in wallet every 7 days and you will never be without money.$5.00

Bergamont-Wear in the palm of each hand to protect one from harm and hexes. To attract riches put some inside your wallet. $5.00

Cinnamon- Add to Scrub water to bring luck to the home $5.00

China Musk-Sexual attraction $5.00

Chypre - Our most popular oil for when going to the casino or playing the lottery $5.00

Egyptian Musk-Very Sensual.$5.00

Frankincense-A sacred oil for anointing objects and bringing many blessings $5.50

Frankincense & Myrrh-Used for healing and to draw spirits. $5.50

Gardenia-A very protective oil. Put on before leaving the home to protect you from evil. $5.00

Honeysuckle-Rub on cash box to bring business. Place on the doorknob to attract customers. $5.00

Hyssop-A holy anointing oil and purifying. Can be used in the bath as well. $5.00

Lotus-The woman that uses this has her way with any man. $3.00

Myrrh-Guards against evil. $5.00

White Rose-Our higher quality of rose oil used to promote peace. $5.00

Rue-Protects From Hexes $5.00

Vanilla-This arousing sent will heighten sexual activity. Also used to draw good fortune. $5.00

Wisteria-Wear to work to keep co-workers from harassing you or trying to get you fired. $5.00