Books On Chakra, Auras and Color magick

Auras 101
A basic Study of Human auras and the techniques to see them.
Auras 101 CO25
Color Magick
Explore the effects of color in placket magick and poppets, talismans, sigils, and magick squares. Use color to enhance crystal-gazing, numerology, tarot, and other divination preatices.
Color Magick CO02
How to See and Read the Aura
See the colors of the Aura and interpret their meaning, make simple tools to measure the aura and much more.
How to See and Read the Aura CO12
Aura Energy
Learn how to promote wellness, accelerate learning, end bad habits, overcome fear, build self-esteem, increase creativity, slow aging, and ensure career success.
Aura Energy CO19
Wheels of Life
Wheels of Life takes you on a wonderous journey through the progressively transcendent levels of consciousness. View this ancient metaphysical system by the light of new metaphors such as body work and Quantum physics. Learn how to explore your own chakras using poetic meditations, physical expressions, and visionary art.
Wheels of Life CO20
Aura Reading for Beginners
Develop your Psychic awarnesess for health & success.
Aura Reading for Beginners CO10
How to see Auras in just 60 Seconds
Auras CO22