Books on Tarot, Crystal balls, Palm reading, and More

Palm Reading for Beginners
Palm Reading for Beginners By: Richard Webster

You will learn the meanings of:

The major and minor lines

The shape of the hand

The length of the fingers

The Fingernails

Line Breaks


And Much More......
Palm Reading for Beginners DO177
Tarot & Magic
Tarot & Magic By: Donald Michael Kraig

This guide teaches you how to create your own tarot spells and rituals, and use the magical power of the cards as talismans.
Tarot & Magic DO162
Tarot D'Amour
Tarot D'Amour By: Kooch N. Daniels & Victor Daniels

Find Sex, Love and romance in the cards
Tarot D'Amour DO26
Tarot Celebrations
Tarot Celebrations By: Geraldine Amaral & nancy Brady Cunningham.

Explore the living sybolism of the tarot using meditation, movement, music , voice, color, scent, and jungain archetypes.
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Tarot Celebrations DO163
Tarot of the Spirit
Tarot of the Spirit By: Pamela Eakins, PH.D

It honors the traditional tarot patters.
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Tarot of the Spirit DO07
Tarot  Outside the Box
Tarot Outside the Box By: Valerie Sim

In the first book to explain how to use this technique, author Valerie Sim explains the comparative Tarot Method and how to apply it to both simple and complex spreads.
Tarot Outside the Box DO158
Tarot Tells the Tale
Tarot Tells the Tale By: James Ricklef

Explore the many permutations of the three-card spread, and learn how to break the common Celtic Cross into mini-speads for clearer, more insightful advice.
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Scrying for Beginners
Tarot & Astrology By:Donald Tyson

Book Includes:

No experience necessary to become a scryer

Learn how to scry with water, oil, crystals, mirrors, pendulums, dowsing rods, fire and more...

Discover the never-before-told scrying techniques of Nortradamus and Dr. John Lee

And Much Much More...
Scrying for Beginners DO168
Easy Tarot Reading Josephine Ellershaw
After learning Tarot card meanings and basic spreads, the next step for beginners is fitting all these pieces into a cohesive, insightful reading. Josephine Ellershaw, the author of the international bestseller Easy Tarot, presents an easy, effective, and enjoyable way for anyone to learn to do amazingly accurate, helpful Tarot readings.