Magic, Philosophy & History

High Priest
High Priest By: Timothy Leary

This book chronicles 16 psychedelic trips taken in the days before LSD was made illegal.
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High Priest MPH15
Western Mysteries
The Western Mysteries By: David Allen Hulse

An Encyclopedia giude to the sacred languages & Magickal systems of the World; The key of it all, Book II.
Western Mysteries MPH46
Freemasonry By: Mark Stavish

Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society.
Freemasonry MPH115
Alchemist's Handbook
Alchemist's Handbook By: Frater Albertus


The Basic fundamental priciples of alchemy

Directions for the formation of an inexpensive hame laboratory, with illustrations of the necessary equipment

and Step by step instructions for the work of the Lesser Circulation.
Alchemist's Handbook MPH04
Magicka Formularia by Sandra Cheryl Richardson
A magician's handbook that anyone interested in magic will benefit from, whether they be Witch or not. 182 pages
The Book of Abramelin
Commonly referred to in magical circles as "the Abramelin" this 15th century text of Jewish magic has come back, in its most complete form, to light the way for those who are brave and committed enough to channel the energies of the spiritual world and give harmony a chance to flourish, Abraham von Worms hardback 268 pages