Seals of the 6 & 7 Books Moses

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Carry with you or write your desires on them and place under candle for more information get the book listed below.

M-1 Breastplate of Aaron-Protect from sudden or violent death.

M-2 Breastplate of Moses-Protection from harm.

M-3 Crowned Serpent-Power, strength & dominance

M-4 Grand Symbol of Solomon-Guidance, wisdon, protection & understanding

M-5 Great Pentagram-Protection from black magic. Freedom fear, good judgment, a clear mind, and bright disposition.

M-6 Master Key-Health, good fortune & success

M-7 Schemhamphoras Holy Seal-Alleged to bring contact with departed souls. it also said to bring vengeance on one's enemies, and to assure one a share of worldly goods

M-8 Schemhamphoras No.1 seal-For great success in finances and in business. Attracts customers and money out of stock

M-9 Schemhamphoras No.2 Brings great mystical power. M-10 Air-Used by those seeking employment

M-11 Seal of Antiquelis-for achieving great power over others, and to attract friendship.

M-1M-12 Arielis- Compels other to do ones bidding and commands lost treasures to be found

M-13 Aziabelis- For achieving great power over others and to attract friendship

M-14 Azielis- Compels treasures to come from the earth

M-15 Barbuelis- Makes one master all arts and secret knowledge

M-16 Earth- Brings support and help from friendly gods and kindly supernatural beings to assist in one’s endeavors

M-17 Fire- Favored by those who seek influence, power, popularity, and dominance in any field

M-18 Fortune- Brings great success in business and many blessings to personal life

M-19 Golden Candlestick- Safe from all danger

M-20 Good Luck- Success in games of chance

M-21 Great Generation- For wealth, honor, and promotions

M-22 Jesus of God- Divine protection, conquering any obstacles, and achieving victory in one’s pursuits

M-24 Knowledge- To receive information through dreams

M-25 Long Life- Protects from misfortune

M-26 Love- Used to gain and hold the affection of another

M-27 Magic- Bring magical assistance to one’s wishes, desires, needs or request

M-28 Marbuelis- For fascinating others and obtaining all secret knowledge from them

M-29 Mars- Aids in holding marriage or friendship together in case of quarrels between the parties involved or were there are disturbing influences

M-30 Mephistophilas- For overcoming, conquering and controlling one’s enemies

M-31 Merbulis-

M-32 Mercury- Brings wealth and treasures from beneath the earth

M-33 Orion- To Have wishes fulfilled and attract honors and respect

M-34 Power- restore good health

M-35 Rab Caleb- Used for medical assistance and to maintain a healthy body and clear mind

M-36 Saturn- Favorable vibrations in gambling

M-37 Spirits- Compels spirits to appear

M-38 Sun- Carried to attract plentiful gold, silver and good blessing

M-39 Treasure- Used to locate lost treasure

M-40 Treasure ETC- Brings peace

M-41 Treasures- Used to find lost or stolen treasures

M-42 Venus- Place under pillow to learn secrets through dreams. Carry to bring assistance in one’s business dealings

M-43 Water- Seal of great fortune, it is used to reveal treasures below the earth.

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